HOBIN SONG is a pianist, composer and content creator based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. He majored in Classical piano and is studying Contemporary music in graduate school. Based on his unlimited musical talent and church music majored in college, he runs a YouTube channel called “HobinWorks” which produces piano performance, theoretical content, and performance videos that span the era of classical and modern music. In addition, as a graphic designer and illustrator, he runs a “ch. Hobin Song” YouTube channel that produces daily V-logs and review contents of the stationery CEO. He is the founder of the lifestyle brand “Aube Matin” based on his illustrations, photographs and graphic designs, and is expanding his field of activity through various collaborations.He also communicates with many stationery users through the character brand ‘Friend Beni.’


HobinWorks is a music studio that produces a variety of performance contents, including composition, arrangement, piano, and orchestration, starting with the first contents in 2018. From classical music to contemporary music, he is engaged in various activities with the colors of pianist Hobin Song. In the future, it plans to provide lecture services based on music education contents.


Latest Album

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Silver Linings

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Curtain Fall

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Once Bitten

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